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About us
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Since 1984, MicroSupport has been providing Valley businesses with computer support services. We know how to work with computers, but we also know how to work with business people. Our task is to make you more productive with your PCs!

MicroSupport does NOT sell products*... just our expertise.

MicroSupport acts as the computer support staff for companies that don't have their own computer support personnel.   What does this mean??  It means that we will do whatever you can't do yourself.  We realize that every business has a "cork"... you know, that person who "bobs to the surface".  They tend to have more computer knowledge than the rest of the staff. But the level of ability of the "corks" vary wildly from office to office.

Regardless of their abilities... "corks" have one thing in common:  computer support wasn't in their job description!  No, their days were filled quite nicely before they became the PC support person for the office.  Now they get to do their regular job, plus install software, backup the server, create templates and macros, troubleshoot printing problems, and the rest of the computer "stuff". 

Let MicroSupport help...  our staff of experienced systems analysts have "been there and done that".

*we sometimes have to sell products that are not available directly to consumers.

"Your on-call computer support department"


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