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Commercial Flight Status
real-time info on US flights
submit your website to 500+ search engines
e-mail me with your candidates!!
TravelNow  Expedia  &  Preview Travel Travelocity
good travel sites - find the best fares
E-Fax  Evoice
free - receive faxes and voice mail
E-mail Reminders  more
free service to remind you of things
Broadband Info  more  more  more
check or improve your speed and other info
Urban Legends  & more
check for bogus viruses etc here
Phone Call Reminder Service
free service to remind you of things
find a free Internet service provider!
one free phone number replaces many
gov't services - licenses, forms & more
Yahoo Finance   Fool   more   more
sites for stocks, portfolio & financial news
Phoenix & AZ road conditions
check phoenix traffic cameras and more
IOwn  Interest   Bank Rate Monitor
find the best loan rates & mortgage info
Mayo Health Clinic  Mediconsult NetConHealth    DrKoop
good health information
Maricopa Superior Court
including court case info
BusinessWeek On-Line CEOexpress
incredible resources for small businesses  
surf the web anonymously
PCPitstop  HouseCall
Free on-line Virus check & more
get off junk mail lists, telemarketers, etc.
BottomDollar  MySimon  Shopper  StreetPrices  PriceScan PriceGrabber
shopping-bots price compare for you!
Cards1  Cards2  Cards3  Cards4 Cards5   Cards6  Zing
send email greeting cards or postcards
MSNBC  CNN  Pathfinder Newsweek
news   news   news
CNN Intellicast  Accuweather  WeaxUnderground
weather sites
Yahoo Maps  MapQuest    Mapblast  MapsOnUS
mapping sites & driving directions
Hotfiles   Download    Winfiles  Moochers
great software/shareware sites
FreeSite  TollFree   FreeT  Phree   more
FREE stuff and more
Home Improvement
better homes & gardens encyclopedia
LDS church genealogy database
PubMed Search
search 9 million medical citations
Nutrition Navigator
guide to nutrition-oriented websites
Merriam Webster On-line
dictionary & thesaurus
Carpoint  Edmunds  Cars
car buying and information
Movie Database
everything you wanted to know
incredible reproductions of great art   Calcs On-Line Financial Calcs
go figure...anything!
Cooltext   3DText   Banners  Banners   Buttons 
create cool logos, banners, & buttons- Free!
SeniorNet   more   more   more
senior citizens on-line
ENews   ECola  Slate  Salon
electronic magazines on-line
Library Spot   RefDesk  Bartleby
guide to libraries & reference info
eBay   DealDeal  FirstAuction   OnSale   AuctionList
heavy auction action
Dead People Server  Find-a-Grave
dead celebs
Restaurant Health Inspections
Maricopa Co. inspections on-line
buy or get good info
Wireless Advisor  Wireless Dimension
cellular phones and service info
Finance Center
make smart financial decisions
kids learn about astronomy
Free Giveaways
enter hundreds of contests with one
Search Engine Watch
everything you wanted to know
Funny Stuff  more  more   more
internet humor sites
Phoenix Sky Harbor
flight info, maps... other local airports, too
Colognes   more   more
discounted fragrances
Internet Traffic Reports   more
see Internet traffic jams before your eyes
Occupation Information
find out what's hot... what's not
centralized bookmarks and email addresses
Internet Chain Letter Advisor
check on those stupid email letters
USA WebCams  OnLineCameras
real-time webcams
Obsolete Computer Museum
pictures & info on old PCs
Barbecuen   BBQ  Barbque  more  more
everything BBQ, recipes, techniques & more
Anagram Server
find anagrams for any words
be notified when favorite pages change
Rental Car Guide
find the best rates at most airports
Kelley Blue Book
find vehicle values, reviews etc.
Videos   more    more
buying cheaper is better!
E-smarts    Whats4Sale  BottomDollar
On-line bargain shopping
way cool audio stuff
Information Please
internet reference center
watch people do internet searches
How Stuff Works
did you ever wonder...???
Internet Hoax Debunker
check for BS spread on 'net
Recipes  more  more   more
you'll never want for a recipe again
The Smoking Gun
classified docs - confidential docs - quirky
US Patents
26 years of US patent info
eMemories  ClubPhoto  Zing
your own free on-line photo albums
find internet video clips, movie trailers, & news video sources
Allernet   LearningLab 
 Allergy Bureau  more  
Allergy information
ReviewFinder  Productopia
find reviews of electronic stuff on the we
SafeKids  Zeeks   CyberAngels 
protecting your kids on-line
find out what your phone number spells
Translator  Babylon  more more
language  translators and more!
Zip+4 Lookup
post office service for checking zips
Party Planner is "party central"
CareerBuilder  Net-temps  more  
incredible resources for finding jobs
Consumer Information Center
US Govt stuff from Pueblo Colorado
E-mail Discussion Groups
the directory of 90,000 mailing lists (listservs)
Bell Labs' cool language experiment
monitors TV for your keywords
free on-line typing tutor
create cool email signatures
Library of Congress
incredible stuff, plus always a special exhibit
CNet    ZDNet
the homes of computer info
search 1/2 million photos

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