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MicroSupport has been "doing networks" since the early 80's...  Novell, Windows NT & 2000, Windows 9X, Windows for Workgroups, Lantastic and a few we're still trying to forget!!!  Whether you need up-front design help, full installation, troubleshooting, or training, we can help.  We've done hundreds of installations, and still act as system administrators for many of them.

Networking is more than hooking a bunch of computers together... a network can be used to increase the communication and productivity in your workgroup.  By utilizing networked templates and macros, you can share the efforts of your most skilled workers, and produce more uniform documents.

Besides offering common access to shared data, networks can be used to share printers and Internet connections, and make it much easier to backup your data.

Networking can now be done without wires!  And one of the fastest growing areas of computing is home networks- especially useful for sharing fast DSL or cable Internet connections to several computers.  But don't forget that wireless networking has special security requirements!  We've helped protect hundreds of wireless networks, and can help you too.



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