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Remote Access
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Want to work from home, the cabin,
or "on the road"???

Simple Setup


No Consultants or IT
people needed for setup

Up and running in
 5 minutes

Work from Home

Work while On-The-Road

Works with Firewalls

Safe & Encrypted

Allows remote support
from your consultant

Transfer Files

Share Your Screen

Maternity Leave

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GotoMyPC Pro
(4 or more PCs)

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Remote Control of Your PC Via the Web
Use your computer from home or on-the-road!  Affordable and easy to setup... no outside help needed!


Work on projects from home, after hours, or while you're sick.  Access your documents, email, calendar, case management, or accounting.  In fact, you can use your office computer exactly as you would if you were sitting at your desk - FROM ANY INTERNET-CONNECTED COMPUTER IN THE WORLD! 

Maybe you need to work late, but you also want to be able to attend the parent-teacher conference (that you missed last semester!).  The thought of driving back and forth has your head spinning...  No problem... you now have remote access to your office PC from home (or anywhere).

GoToMyPC is a secure and easy way to access your computer from any browser-equipped computer anywhere in the world. Once your computer is enabled, you can access it at any time from anywhere by simply logging into a website. You will have full control of the computer and all files, programs and network resources available on the machine. You simply work on your PC as if you were sitting in front of it, even though you may be thousands of miles away.

This makes telecommuting, working from home and keeping up while traveling much easier than its ever been before. You can work on your computer remotely or transfer files between the computer you’re using and the one you’re accessing. Unlike conventional remote control software or VPN solutions (virtual private networks), GoToMyPC doesn’t require you to fiddle with port settings, IP addresses or complicated software and hardware installations. Setup takes only 5 minutes. And it even works behind corporate firewalls.

The only requirement is that your computer must be left on and connected to the Internet in order to access it remotely. GoToMyPC uses 128-bit end-to-end encryption plus multiple password challenges to ensure security.

Control 1 PC - $179.40 per year
Control 2 PCs - $269.40 per year

Other remote access solutions will often cost 4-20 times as much, especially after you pay for the complicated setup, downtime, and training!  This solution is inexpensive and quick to setup!!!

You can sign up by: Clicking Here.  You'll be able to access your PC remotely within minutes... really!!!  No IT people or consultants are needed for the setup... you don't even need to know anything about your computer system, except that you are connected to the Internet, and that your PC is on.


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