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SpyWare and other Parasitic Software

Many people have parasites installed on their computers. They can cause system instability, slowness, add unwanted advertising ("Pop-Ups"), spy on everything one does on the web, and compromise security.  Microsoft recently (May '04) said that 50% of system crashes were due to Spyware.

A script is running on your computer right now... you don't have to do anything... in fact, it's probably done already and may have information about SpyWare that is on your system (shown below).  This script will find many of the current spyware products, but not all

Microsoft has recently offered a great AntiSpyware product, available FREE here

The people at PestPatrol have a FREE on-line spyware checker that is available by clicking here

Or consider using these two Shareware Anti-Spyware products:
 Spybot  or Ad-Aware

Results are below. If you see nothing, then you might be one of the lucky few without spyware installed on your system.
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(Thanx to and.doxdesk.com for the script!)




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