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The world’s most popular time and billing system. 

Timeslips Version 2006 is the current version
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We've supported Timeslips for 15+ years!

Back in 1985 the initial release of Timeslips was created to help offices like yours bill for time and expenses. Since that time we have learned a lot about how to increase the productivity of today's firms. Timeslips embodies everything we've learned from years of research in office management to make it the best tool available enabling you to become more profitable. Timeslips is an integrated office solution giving you total control over your billing with the ability to monitor your time and expense charges through detailed data tracking and reporting. With Timeslips you have the ability to track all billable and non-billable charges, report on accounts receivable and work in process, while billing in a variety of styles from flat fee, hourly, contingent and percentage complete.

Timeslips Awards Timeslips offers the most complete interface of any billing software on the market today. Timeslips didn't become the industry standard in time and billing by chance. By carefully designing features and researching how professionals bill for their time, Timeslips gives the flexibility to tailor and fit the interface to specifically meet your needs. It's like having your own personal in-house billing assistant at your beck and call. If a feature doesn't fit your needs, remove it. Perhaps you have a specific report you'd like to print. Let Timeslips Report Wizard walk you through creating it, or build one from scratch! Timeslips offers you dozens upon dozens of ways to get paid for the work you do with the flexibility to meet your needs. But don't take our word for it. See for yourself why thousands of service professionals rely on Timeslips to grow their businesses.

Timeslips training for the Phoenix areaMicroSupport has been supporting Timeslips customers for over 15 years! If you are not using Timeslips, maybe you should be. Call (602) 308-4878 for an appointment or for pricing.


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