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Lockups...  Illegal Operation...  Low Memory...  Invalid  Page Fault...   Sector not found reading drive C:...   Error initializing output device...   Access is denied...  Runtime error...  Illegal Function...  Kernel32 caused an invalid page fault...  Fatal Exception...  Windows Protection Error...   Spool32 Error...  File Not Found...  General Protection Fault...  Stack Fault... 

Give Up???  We'll figure it out...What can we say... it's not a perfect World.  With the ever-increasing complexity of hardware and software, incompatibilities and other unpredictable interactions are possible.  It's hard to tell the software problems from the hardware problems.  There are conflicting DLLs & IRQs, corrupt files, driver conflicts, bad power, and more.  Programs have known bugs.

Internet problems could be related to your modem, COM port conflicts, network protocols, IP addresses, your provider, or even your phone lines!!!

Oh, did we mention the end-user???  Improper procedures can be the root of many problems.  MicroSupport's system analysts have years of experience helping hundreds of companies.  That's thousands of computers and problems!!!  And we don't just rely on our vast experience... we have extensive research capabilities, utilizing resources from the 'Net, CD-ROMs, magazines, and tech-support.




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